Thursday, January 24, 2019


Subscriber Data Management


User generated content may have changed the web but it has made it difficult for the user to keep track of their own data. PointsConnect brings out a new dimension to Web 2.0 and mobility. Its multi-point synchronization connects the user data on the web with wireless handsets. It also provides easy data sharing based upon subscriber and enterprise policies.


PointsConnect's implementation on CSP with carrier grade architecture and extensible design enables modular deployment at carrier's infrastructure. CSP’s strong emphasis on extensive policy management allows easy customization for customer requirements.


PointsConnect’s core implementation is based upon OMA standards while providing support for popular internet standards. With unique convergence of mobile and web technologies it brings new points of synchronization and sharing based upon evolving needs of subscribers, enterprises and carriers.



    PointConnect Facts

  • Multi-Point Synchronization of subscriber data
  • Support for multiple media types
  • Extensive support for privacy and data security
  • Flexible policy management for sharing and control


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