Thursday, September 20, 2018
Technology Partner

Comptek's Technology Partner Program provides tools and support to develop joint solutions between a partner's products and Comptek's technology. Together, we make it easier for our mutual customers to make choices that lead to best-of-breed, fully interoperable systems.

There are two types of partners that operate within this program:

Comptek Technology Enabled Partners
The Comptek Technology Enabled Program (STEP) extends the company's long history of collaboration with other technology suppliers and Comptek's product lines to support a broad ecosystem of enabled products. STEP provides standardized processes, Technology Tracks, and validation tools to facilitate the creation and ongoing support of interoperable security, storage, hardware and software solutions.

OEM Partners
The key to our success is having OEM partners who trust our products and want to share them with their own customers. Our OEM program allows qualified partners to bundle Comptek's most popular consumer security, data protection, and remote support solutions with the systems they produce, and provides manufacturers of systems, peripherals, and vertical market software the opportunity to license our solutions for their customers.

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