Thursday, January 24, 2019
Wi-Fi Products

AirEther™ AB54/ AB54E/ AB54E Pro
Long Range Wireless Base Station
IP67/68 Certified All Weather Enclosure

The AirEther AB54, AB54E and AB54E Pro are low cost wireless base station products. These products are designed for carrier class outdoor wireless applications capable of operating at one of the four modes, such as Access Point, Wireless Bridge, Repeater mode or Long Range Client Bridge.

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AirEther™ CB54/ CB54E/ CB5418
2.4 GHz Long Range Wireless Client Bridge
IP67 All Weather Certified Enclosure

The AirEther™ CB54, CB54E, CB5418 are low cost outdoor residential Customer Premise Equipments (CPE). These products are manufactured with an IP67 certified weatherproof enclosure for Near Line of Sight conditions.

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AirEther™ BR108
5GHz Long Range Backhaul Wireless Bridge
Higher Power 200mW Output
IP68 Certified All Weather Enclosure
The AirEther™ BR108 is a carrier class long range outdoor wireless bridge. It is an ideal outdoor wireless backhaul solution. It is protected by an IP68 certified die-cast all weather housing and lightning protector.

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